Have you ever had something that you loved more then life itself and then had it taken away from you?    I have.   You see it all started last year, a women that went to our church had a really amazing singing voice so she got the female solo in “He’s the Messiah.”     I loved that song so much when she sang it her voice was so pretty and the song was so powerful. So as she sang the solos to it I swayed with the choir and grinned like I was mental.     So this year for our choir concert we are doing the same song. The only problem was there was nobody to sing the lead female solo.      So our choir instructor held auditions for the solo.     I worked so hard on practicing for my audition and when I did the audition I hit the notes right and I sung from my heart. My sister told me it was the best I’ve ever done.     Two other girls auditioned for the same song.     The next day I woke up and my diaphragm was sore it hurt to breathe. I sung my lungs out for it, literally.     A few days after the audition I got an email saying I hadn’t got the part.      I’ll be honest with you, I cried just like a baby.     The next choir practice I went to we had to practice my song.     The girl who got it got up on stage with the microphone. Then she started to sing.     The problem was…well everything.            She sung before she was supposed to she sung the wrong notes and when she realized this instead of trying to get it right she just stopped singing.       The whole time she was singing MY solo I was sitting in choir beside my friend Grace singing every word the right way at the right time. That is until half way through when I realized that she was going to sing my solo in front of everybody and mess it up.           As a side note I thought I should probably add that the girl who got my solo is dating the choir instructors son. That’s probably the only reason she got it.          My heart still hurts from the realization that I probably was good enough for the solo, that the reason I didn’t get it was because they had a personal relationship.        But through the grief of loosing something I wanted so bad something good has come from it.        I’ve had to learn that even though I thought the solo was what I needed. But God is showing me that what I really need is patience.        I’ve also had to learn that even though I thought that I had that solo I didn’t. My lesson was always expect the unexpected, have patience, and trust that God knows what’s right for me even though I don’t.         That’s what’s been out my heart today, I hope it helps you :)                      -Emily


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Me :)

I’d like to tell y’all about me. Hi I’m Emily. I’ll start by telling you that I am completely crazy. But not like crazy killer crazy, more like crazy fun and lovable crazy. I really like to sing, but I’m not into the whole popular bands thing like most people.
I like more of like Christian bands and such. I’m a very big fan of TobyMac. Look him up on YouTube he is pretty awesome.
Let me just put this out there, I go to church, and I believe in God. Expect me to talk about things happening at church and my religion, because I love both of those things.
And if you don’t like that oh well!
My best friend is Grace, she’s pretty awesome. But she is a BIG fan of One Direction and that’s where we disagree. I don’t like One Direction. That’s just my personal opinion to some people they may be great but, not for me.
So I suppose that’s all I have for now but prepare for much more.
With the holidays coming up I’ll probably have a ton of stuff to say so prepare yourself!
Promise I’ll post again soon :)